TURKU XL recycling holder black


HELSINKI holder's big sister, TURKU XL holder is for the hard core recyclists. Or for families who need a bigger sized recycling bin than the HELSINKI holder. Or for the Pepsi Max addicts, who could use a bigger empty bottle collection bin for them. Available in black and white.

Basically, TURKU XL holder is a great solution for recycling empty bottles, plastic waste and cardboard waste. When you start recycling for example plastic, you'll realise that everything seems to contain plastic and the recycling bin fills up rather fast. TURKU XL holder holds more of them and as plastic, bottles or cardboard is quite light, the bag isn't too heavy to carry, even when full. We don't, however, recommend this holder for paper waste. The bag will be so heavy to carry that it's not fun anymore.

The holder can be used as a hamper as well. It’s easy to move and its light form makes it an ideal product for small spaces.


  • Measurements: hight 70 cm x width 34 cm x depth 29 cm
  • Weight: 1,5 kg
  • 100% metal, which 30% is recycled
  • Designed and manufactured in Finland
  • The product can be recycled further
  • Design Helena Mattila
  • In international orders, delivery costs vary depending on the delivery country. Please check our shipping information for detailed info.

The product is designed and made in Finland.

All our products have design patents.

Customer Reviews

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Myosotis Gálvez
Love it!

A great quality product, definitely worth the investment. I bought for the laundry… I was worried that it might get smelly after a while, but I have used it since beginning of the year and until now, NO SMELLS! Besides the fantastic customer service, I felt I was talking to a long time friend. 🩷

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