HELSINKI paper bag holder white


HELSINKI paper bag holder white

Light and locally made (in Finland) HELSINKI paper bag holder for sorting, recycling and storage. White holder is neutral and harmonious and suites almost any kind of decor. White holder and beige jute bag is our favourite combination! Here you can find all the HELSINKI paper bag holder color options.

Recycling made easy

No space for sorting out waste in your kitchen? No worries, we got a solution: HELSINKI recycling holder. It’s a stylish recycling bin for home or office. The beautiful design ensures that it doesn’t have to be hidden away in the closet, you can have it on display in the kitchen, living room or in the balcony for example.

Good for storage and kids know how to use it as well

You can use the holder for storaging as well. Place the holder in your living room and you can easily collect toys, books, magazines and other knick-knacks that are laying around and voilà: instantly neater overall look and better order in your home. Children can also easily pick up their belongings there, as no heavy lids or closet doors are involved.

”Pick up after your kids, enjoy the tidiness for one day. Teach your kids to pick up after themselves, enjoy the tidiness forever.” (Famous proverb by Everyday Design)

Small size makes it fit

Its narrow form makes it an ideal even for the smallest spaces. As it is very light (only 1.2 kg), it’s easy to move around even with only one hand. Vacuuming or cleaning the floors won’t get more difficult because of the holder.


  • Width 30 cm x depth 25 cm x height 55 cm 
  • Weight 1,2 kg
  • 100% metal, of which 30% is recycled
  • Can be recycled further
  • Design by Helena Mattila
  • In international orders, delivery costs vary depending on the delivery country. Please check our shipping information for detailed info.

Tip! Get a convenient and practical sorting center with two stands and three bags. The third bag hangs effortlessly between the two stands.

The product is designed and made in Finland.

All our products have design patents.

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