HELSINKI holder white and washable paper bag

67,00€ 75,00€

White HELSINKI holder and a suitable washable paper bag in your preferred color, in a bundle deal - 67 euros.

Lightweight and stylish HELSINKI recycling holder for recycling, sorting, and storage.

The paper bag can be hand-washed. Machine washing can wear out the bag more quickly, but if needed, it can be placed in a washing machine on a hand wash program (max. 30 degrees). The bag dries very quickly - it's dry again in just a couple of hours after washing.

Take recycling out of the closet

Don't have space in your kitchen cabinet for a recycling station? No worries, there's a solution: the HELSINKI holder. It's a beautiful recycling bin for your home or office. Thanks to its attractive design, you don't need to hide it in a cabinet; you can easily leave it out in the kitchen, living room, or even on the balcony. The easier recycling is to do in your everyday life, the more likely you are to do it without thinking.

Effortless storage

The holder is also suitable for storing various items and belongings. Place it in the living room, and you can quickly gather items like dog toys, children's things, books, magazines, and other clutter off the floor and surfaces - instantly achieving a neater overall appearance and better home organization.

Even children can easily put their belongings there, as there are no heavy lids or cabinet doors to open. "Clean up your child's mess at home, enjoy cleanliness for the day. Teach your child to clean up their own mess, enjoy cleanliness forever." (Famous saying from Everyday Design)

Fits in small spaces

Thanks to its narrow design, it fits perfectly in small spaces as well. Its extremely lightweight makes it easy to move from one place to another, even with just one hand. Vacuuming and cleaning the floors won't be a hassle because of the holder.


  • Holder dimensions: width 32 cm x height 55 cm x depth 25 cm and bag dimensions: width 36 cm x depth 19 cm x height 45 cm 
  • Weight 1.2 kg (holder) and 400 g (washable paper bag) 
  • The holder is made of 100% metal, with 30% recycled metal 
  • The washable paper bag is made of 70% paper fibers and 30% latex 
  • The paper bag can be easily hand-washed 
  • Designed by Helena Mattila 
  • In international orders, delivery costs vary depending on the delivery country. Please check our shipping information for detailed info.

Note! The bags are not completely smooth; they may have wrinkles. With use, they may also become softer and develop folds. During washing, you can reshape the bag, but it cannot be made completely smooth.

The holder is designed and manufactured in Finland. The washable paper bag is designed in Finland and manufactured in China. All our products have design patents.

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