Why Local Production Is Important To Everyday Design?

Everyday Design considers local production (in Finland) to be one of their core values.

Everyday Design is proud to have "Finnish Key Flag" and "Design from Finland" symbols for the majority of their products. Key flag symbol stands for the product being manufactured in Finland. "Design from Finland" symbol means that the product has been designed in Finland, but it can be manufactured abroad.

Everyday Design's products are made in Finland, except for the jutebags. Jute plant doesn't grow in Finland and manufacturing the bags in Finland wouldn't be reasonable, so the decision to outsource that was inevitable. Manufacturing in Finland is a value-based decision for Everyday Design. Keeping the production local means that we can control the quality so that it remains constant and high and have a continuous dialogue with our manufacturing partners.

Even though manufacturing in far-off countries would be cheaper, Everyday Design has made the conscious decision not to do it. And above all, domestic production supports the ideology of sustainability as the products don't have to shipped from overseas. Also, Everyday Design wants to contribute towards Finnish economy and society.