Buyer's Guide: Helsinki -holder Or Turku Xl -holder?

Are you contemplating whether to get the HELSINKI holder or the TURKU XL holder? Check out our holder comparison!

HELSINKI holder great for sorting and recycling and for storage. Thanks to its narrow form, it fits into the smallest of places. 

TURKU XL holder has the same design and qualities as the HELSINKI holder, but it's bigger. It is excellent for sorting and recycling plastic waste, empty bottles and cardboard. It makes also a great laundry basket. We don't recommend it to be used in paper recycling, as it will become really heavy to carry when stuffed with paper waste.

Sometimes it's hard to make sense of the differences just based on numbers. We think that pictures tell them the best. 

Both holders are designed and manufactured in Finland. 

A pro tip! Get a convenient and practical sorting center with two stands and three bags. The third bag hangs effortlessly between the two stands.

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